Corel Draw X5 don't run problem on Vista 64 bits

I have downloaded the trial version X5 and tried to install the program, just as it is.
505 MB was installed, but an error came up, when starting the program: "Something did that Corel Draw cannot continue".
I tried to uninstall the program from the control panel in the normal way, but it would not uninstall.

Corel Draw was helpful, at first, giving the following advises:
1. Download a special Corel Draw uninstall program, informing the link. Deleting the program.
2. Disable all other start-up activities, except Microsoft. This is done the normal way, using "msconfig".
3. Disable firewall and antivirus program such as, in my case, Norton 360.
4. Disable UAC User Account Control.
5. Make sure that your operating system is updated. (!)
6. Starting the installation program as Administrator.

I have tried to do the above measures several times, but without success. I came so far, that I could register the program, but after that it is "Goodbye".
I have informed Corel Draw about the above and asked for more specific help for Vista Home Premium 64 bits, but there is no answer.
I have also asked if there is anything in the register, I have to edit with the regedit command.
I have asked for an advice from an X5/Vista 64 expert, but no answer.
I'm a little surprised that they give up so easily.

I'm of course very thankful for any help, if there is any!

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