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Panorado 4.0
   Panorado JS 2.0
      Panorado Flyer 1.2

Dear photographers!

View your photos from a whole new perspective.

Check out the panorado image viewer!

Special features:

  • Innovative, mouse-oriented user interface
  • Excellent 3-D impression of wide angle and panoramic pictures
  • Comfortable image browsing, presentation, and management
  • Tools: Image finder, image metadata (EXIF, IPTC), Google Earth support, ...
  • Current version: HDR viewer, RAW files, organizer, batch jobs, transformation tool, ...

Discover the details!

Today's digital cameras provide pictures with a resolution that is far beyond the capabilities of computer monitors.
Find out what's really inside your pictures!
Test it 30 days for free!

See the whole of it!

When you look at a panorama, you are right in the center of a virtual location.
Today's panoramas can be easily created from normal digital camera shots.
With panorado, you can easily view it on your computer screen!
Kein HTML5!

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Our products:

panorado 4.0

is a comfortable image viewer, browser, and organizer for Windows. More...

panorado JS 2.0 New!

is the state-of-the-art HTML5 image viewer for websites and web applications. More...

panorado Applet 2.2

ist a Java image viewer for websites and Java applications. More...

panorado Flyer 1.2

is a small geocoding tool for linking images to locations. More...