Message about Turning Torso

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About my Turning-Torso  model

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Short describtion and credit to the architects and the owner
Turning Torso (TT) is created by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and owned by HSB, Malmoe, Sweden. On the Turning Torso's comprehensive homepage: - you can read everything of interest about the building, in English and Swedish language. Some facts: Building height: 190 meters, equal to 623 foot. The nine cubes have in total 54 floors. The two lower blocks are offices. There are 147 apartments and on the two top floors, conference facilities. The local architect in Sweden is Samark Arkitektur & Design AB. Responsible for the interior design and floor plans. Building completed, November 2005. Other links:

My comments to my TT warehouse model, please see photo to the right
On the ground there is a photo of the top of the building, because the satellite was not exactly strait over the building. I have covered up that part, because I think it should not be visible. However, as I understood, the warehouse evaluators commented that I should not have any "Ground buildup".
My question is, shall I even remove the water on the ground, which surrounds the building? I think it belong to the building and gives it a character, but I want to follow the rules.
As can be seen, there is a square (lighter) photo exactly showing the TT site. This photo comes from Google, not from me. The same about the heavy shadow, not from me.

Questions and support
I would be glad, if anyone can tell me about the mistakes I have done and give me tips about how to improve.

Thank you for your help!


PS Thank you very much to 'Eneroth3' who solved my model's ID problem:

When I edited my model in SketchUp warehouse, by downloading and then uploading it after editing, I met a blank formula. That was because my model had lost it's ID number. 'Enroth3' told me have to edit my models ID-number manually.

In the address bar in 3D-Warehouse you can read a model's ID-number.
As in this example:
In this address "54c3d176b055c6963ae1361afc45ac52" is the ID (between "mid=" and "&").

Type the following text, see next line, into the ruby console in your SketchUp(Windows > Ruby console):

Sketchup.active_model.set_attribute('3DWarehouse', 'ModelID', "<MID>")

And just replace "<MID>" with the ID before you press enter.