Centrale Paysanne Luxembourgeoise


Agrocenter Mersch

 updated 2008-02-26

Agrocenter Mersch

Headquater of Centrale Paysanne, Luxembourg

From field to table

Feed mill - 30 tons/hour

Milk powder plant. Evaporation capacity 4 000 kg skim milk powder and 2 400 kg buttermilk powder per hour.
Grain silos - 50 000 tons Fruit plant

Abattoir & meat processing plant

Meat cutting

Ham production - Ardenner typ

Sausage productione

Caned food - standard size can 73 and  85 mm °

Can packing table

Sausage line

Europe's biggest meat product shop?
Direct consumer sale. 
Profitable for producer and consumer.

Final can-products

Final sliced products

Delicatesse products
Abattoir and meat processing plant, Mersch, Luxemburg. - Perspective drawn by agriconsult's
chief architect AA, J÷rgen Gullacksen
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