agriconsult - REFERENCE LIST
Year Client Location Specification Photos
1969 Centrale Paysanne, Luxemburg Mersch, Luxemburg Abattoir:  200 cattle, 125 calves and  
      1 000 pigs per day  


Foodia AB, Staffanstorp, Sweden Staffanstorp, Sweden Production capacity: 14 000 tons/year of semi-  
      finished deep frozen and canned food  
1973 Ivo Food AB, Malmö, Sweden Gärsnäs, Sweden Poultry industry capacity:  
      6,000 broilers per hour  
1974 Centrale Paysanne, Luxemburg Mersch, Luxemburg Meat processing capacity: Photos  
      20,000 tons/year of cut meat, sausages, hams,  
      bacon, ready meals and canned foods  
1974 Electrolux, Malmö, Sweden Moscow, U.S.S.R. Production capacity:  
      20,000 ready meals per shift  
1975 Secco Tork AB, Röstånga, Sweden Röstånga, Sweden 1 ton feather meal per hour  
1976 Byggproduktion AB, BPA, Stockholm, Sweden Zielona Gora, Poland Abattoir: 220 pigs, 90 cattle, 220 calves per hour,  
      incl. meat cutting and complete  
      by-product facilities for edible/in-edible rawmaterial  
1977 Poultry Processing and Marketing Co.,Teheran, Iran Karadj, Iran Poultry industry capacity: 6,500 chicken per hour  
      Egg assorting capacity: 100 tons/day  
1977 Poultry Processing and Marketing Co.,Teheran, Iran Karadj, Iran 1 ton chicken and egg waste products per hour  
1978 Herat Livestock, Development Corporation, Kabul,  Herat, Afghanistan Abattoir: 2,000 sheep per day  
1980 Konvex HB, Stidsvig, Sweden Stidsvig, Sweden 30 tons raw material per hour  
1983 Kristianstad-Blekinge Kristianstad, Slakteriförening, Kristianstad, Sweden Capacity: 1,000 sheep per day  
1984 Arne Perssons Livs AB, Helsingborg, Sweden Helsingborg, Sweden Cutting and packing of 40 tons/day of meat  
1985 Tommy Olssons, Slakteri AB, Ugglarp, Sweden Ugglarp, Sweden Capacity: 1,250 pigs per day, cutting and  
      packing of 20 tons/day of meat  
1985 Centrale Paysanne, Mersch, Luxemburg Mersch, Luxemburg Finished products stores dispatch terminal & retail  
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