agriconsult - REFERENCE LIST
Year Client Country  Object
1962-1963 Sörmlandska Lantmännen   Sweden Studies and proposals for erection of facilities for grain
Nyköping,Sweden storage, seed cleaning and fodder manufacture in the county of
1963 W. Weibull AB, Landskrona, Sweden Sweden Long-term planning and proposals for modification and ex- tension of  
seed plants
1963 International Atomic Energy Agency, Pakistan Contribution to report on Grain Irradiation Disinfestation 
Vienna, Austria
1964 International Atomic Energy Agency, Argentina Survey on Radiation Disinfestation of Grain
Vienna, Austria
1964 International Atomic Energy Agency, Turkey Survey on Grain Irradiation Disinfestation
Vienna, Austria
1964 Namnden for Internationellt Bistand, Costa Rica Survey on Grain Storage Project 
NIB, Stockholm, Sweden
1966 Swedish International Development India Grain Handling and Storage in Indian Ports 
Authority, SIDA, Stockholm, Sweden
1966 Swedish International Development India Milk Production, Collection and Distribution 
Authority, SIDA, Stockholm, Sweden
1966 Imperial Government of Iran, Iran Feasibility Study Cold Store at the Teheran Slaughter
Teheran, Iran House. In cooperation with Kampsax A/S, Copenhagen, 
1966 Swedish International Development Tanzania Storage and Handling of Food Grains and other Crops 
Authority, SIDA, Stockholm, Sweden
1967 United Nations Development India Applied Research, Demonstration and Training Project
Programme, New York, U.S.A. in Grain Storage
1968 AB Ljungby Kontrollslakteri, Ljungby, Sweden Feasibility Study and Proposals for Remodelling and
Sweden Extension of Slaughterhouse
1968 Jokkmokks Kommun, Jokkmokk, Sweden Survey including Transport Analyses concerning 
Sweden location of Slaughterhouse intended for Reindeer, Elks and Sheep
1968 Andelsslakteriet Itikka, Seinajoki, Finland Finland Studies and Proposals for Location of New
Slaughterhouse with Meat Processing Plant
1969-1970 S.N. Sempac, Alger, Algeria Algeria Study, Survey and Proposals for Long-term Plans for Wheat 
Storage and Handling
1969-1970  AB Lactamin, Stockholm, Sweden Sweden Technical and Economical Survey and Proposals for Long-  
term Development of the Swedish Feed Industry
1970 AB Erik Sohlbergs Livsmedel, Gävle, Sweden Proposals for Rationalization of Packing and Loading­out
Sweden Plants and Recommendations for Production Control 
Systems within Meat Processing Plant
1970 Major Projects Administration, Syria Study and Recommendations concerning Seed
Damascus, Syria Handling in Syria
1972 Industrial and Mining Development Iran Preinvestment Study Integrated Slaughter Lamb Project 
Bank of Iran
1972 Swedish International Development Ethiopia Seed Multiplication Study 
Authority, Stockholm, Sweden
1973 Sherkate Sahami Dashte Morghab, Iran Feasibility Study and Proposals for Integrated Sheep
Teheran, Iran Production based on modified concepts of sheep  target 
husbandry: initial capacity 5,000 breeding units, project
target 100,000 breeding units
1974 Ministry of Industry and Petroleum, Abu Dhabi Feasibility Study Grain Storage and Wheat Milling
. Abu Dhabi, U. A. E Project
1974-1975 Swedish International Development Botswana Study of the Use, Extraction and Transfer of Okavango
Authority, SIDA, Stockholm, Sweden Water for Development of the Okavango Corridor. 
In cooperation with other Sweco members
1975 Iran Milk Producing and Distributing Iran School Milk Project Study 
Company, Teheran, Iran
1975 Högesta AB, Ystad, Sweden Sweden Study on Alternative Harvesting Systems
1976-1977 Swedish International Development Lesotho  Reconnaissance study to plan for the internal uses of
Authority, SIDA, Stockholm Sweden Lesotho's Water Resources.
In cooperation with other Sweco members
1976 Saudi Vegetable Oil Et Ghee Company, Saudi Arabia  Review of feasibility study on the Manufacturing of
SVOG, Saudi Arabia Vegetable Oil and Ghee in Saudi Arabia
1977 Government of People's Democratic Democratic Review of feasibility study on a National Grain Storage
Republic Yemen, Aden, PDRY Republic of  System
Yemen .
1976 Swedish International Development Ethiopia  Evaluation of Rural Water Supply Projects in Ethiopia.
Authority, SIDA, Stockholm, Sweden  In cooperation with other Sweco members
1976 Industrial Research Centre, Tripoli, Libya Libya Study for the Development of the Dairy Industry in Libya
1977 Motor Columbus, Baden, Switzerland Bahrein  Outline description of Chicken Slaughterhouse, 3,000
broilers/hand Feed Plant, 10 t/h
1977 Malmöhus Läns Landsting,  Sweden Masterplan for future development of three agricultural
Lund, Sweden schools each with approximately 350 students  
1978 Office National des Ports, Alger, Algeria Algeria National study for localization and dimensioning of
Harbour Import Silos
1978 Major Projects Administration, Syria Syria  Feasibility studies concerning Regional Grain Collection,
Damascus, Syria Strategic Grain Storage, a Lentil Silo and Feed Plants
1978 Department of Petroleum, U.A. E. U.A.E. Feasibility study regarding a Feed Plant Project
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.  
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