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The Region around the Sound
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All about the new bridge

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Lokal TV news (Swedish only)

The Royal Family of Denmark (click) The Royal Family of Sweden (click)
(CIA:s faktabok: Country listning, choose Denmark) (CIA:s faktabok: Country listning, choose Sweden)
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Local Newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet (SDS)
Link to World Wide Newspapers listed by SDS
Dagens Nyheter (newsp.) Swedish search tool
Malmoe town Lund town Landskrona town Helsingborg town Sound reg.-all about it
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HH-Färjorna Helsingborg-Helsingør
Copenhagen North Sealand Danish Webs Danish newspapers
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Many other Airliners
Scandinavian Airline
Many other Rail Co, no 1
Many other Rail Co, no 2
Swedish Railroad SJ
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Danish Railroad DSB
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Dagens Nyheters Travel service
A&L Travelagency
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