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About doing Homepage - if you have your own, skip this
In December 1996, I obtained a free, beta version of MS FrontPage from a magazine which was valid until February 1. It was running nicely so, I bought one (price approx. 160 US$) and started to go through the tutorial. It was, in my opinion, boring and the wrong approach. As known, MS FrontPage consists of two parts "Explorer" and "Editor". The tutorial suggested to start practising in the "Explorer", I do not know why and it was not until my Danish friend Kim said: "What are you doing in the "Explorer"? Start up the "Editor", make a table and you are running!" - Thank you! Since then I have had no use of the "Explorer" apart from when starting the program.
It was fun making the home pages in FrontPage. What happens next, I don't know.
If you start to make a home page and need some help, I am happy to be of any assistance. The FTP program, for instance, was known to be complicated. The only difficulty was that the manual was poor. No screen dumps was shown and a different terminology was used than in the program. But, when did you last read a good manual?
Many people are in doubt of what to put in their home pages. It is a question of giving and taking. The purpose, in my case, is to communicate about things that are of interest to me.
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