My PC before & now
My first PC was a Swedish ABC80 with cassette tape drive and an Epson M80 printer. This was in 1982, the same year TIME Magazine elected a PC as "Man of the year". I was going to Saudi Arabia for a year and Gert Jönsson, who was head of the department of Process Control Systems at Agriconsult, assisted me at Lindahl & Rothoff at Östergatan, Malmö, with the purchase. The machine was later on upgraded to double capacity of 32 kB, floppy disc and "super smartaid" from Owoco. I was member of the ABC80 club until 1986 and enjoyed most considerably the experience of learning the Basic programming.
In 1986, while living in Saudi Arabia, I bought my first PC at an exhibition at "The Oil and Mineral University" in Dammam. It was an XT 8088 with 60 MB hard drive and colour screen. It was like a dream coming through. Anyway, all programming came to an end and it was all over all of a sudden. This was unfortunate since I wanted myself to decide what the program should look like. This machine was later on upgraded to an AT 286 with an additional processor and a cash program. My ABC80 programs were converted into PC programs using MS Quick Basic. A bit difficult at the beginning, although the syntax errors were soon found.
It was time again to upgrade in December 1992, 486 DX 66 MHz, 500 MB HD etc, this time the upgrading lasted only until December 1996. Windows 3.11 could no longer address the memory, the machine worked very slowly, the graphic was inferior and so on. Hopefully, the new one last for at least four years!?
The development of PC, is I believe, the only development in mankind which is continuously accelerating. It is impossible for man to overlook the progress. I read in Business Week, that the head of SiliconGraphic has prevented his directors to take any decision that extend over more than two years.
My PC now
Pentium 750 MHz
256 MB Ram
8 MB Vram, ATII graphic card
52 x CD ROM
2 HD - 60 GB
17" screen
SoundBlaster sound card
Tape Back-up
Epson Stylus 800 color printer
HP LaserJet 6L printer
Roland DXY-980A plotter
Modem Duo-com
Windows98 II