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Who am I?

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I'm an old Dane at 66 years. Came to Sweden 1963, became Swedish citizen 1970. Retired production engineer within the Swedish food industry. - From a previous marriage, I have two children, Lena and Mikael. I'm now married to Kerstin, who also has two children from a previous marriage, Anna and Peter Fenyi. Kerstin is a teacher.
We live in Akarp (map), located between Malmö and Lund, Sweden.
Anna is married to Johan Hegethorn. They have tree boys, Carl born 1995, Fredrik born 1998  and Gustav born 2001.
Anna is now on maternity leave and Johan works at the Ikea's headquater, they are both lawyers.
Lena is married to Mikael Bergman. Lena is teacher a teacher and work in Höllviken and Mikael is B.A. (IT), working with GfK - Sweden, in Lund.
Peter is educated in graphic design (IT), working within the textile industry. Peter has a daughter, Sarah born 1999.
Mikael has a PhD in biology and works within the cancer
research at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, U. S. A.
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Updated  Aug 2002
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