Family Høeg
My relation to the family Høeg
My grandmother Frederikke Christiane Dolleris had the maiden name Høeg. She was born 26 September 1874 in Nyborg, Denmark and died 23 September 1919 in Thisted, Denmark. She was married 1896 to Axel Jensen Dolleris born 14 September 1858, he died 1 October 1938 in Thisted. In the marriage there were six children: Harald, Ellen, Helga, Estrid (my mother), Anna and Axel.
Frederikke Christiane Høeg was the daughter of Erik Kehlet Høeg, born 10 april1845, died 23 October 1919 and Anna Kristine Høeg f Haugaard, born 10 March 1853, died 28 July 1934 in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Frederikke had a younger sister, Dorethea (called Dora) born 17 September 1876, died 18 January 1971 in Frederiksberg.
Erik Kehlet Høeg was son of Jens Høeg who died 1886 (or 1885) and Christiane Frederikke Høeg f Haugaard, died 1891. I don’t know when and where they were born. I think Jens Høeg was born 1816, but I don’t know from where I have this information
Jens Høeg was a churchwarden (in Danish "kordegn") and teacher in Nyborg, Denmark - I know that there is a genealogical table for the family Haugaard, but I don’t know where it is.
I am of course very interested to learn more Jens Høeg's ancestry. - I hope, when I get more time, to be able to visit the regional archive "Landsarkivet for Fyn" in Odense, Denmark, and search the archives. -