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Genealogy in Sweden (Swedish language)
The purpose with this page is partly to convey thoughts to like-minded people recognise themselves, partly to open possibilities to be influenced by people who have developed further. - Hoping to get help with things that I am searching, is another purpose.
I’m an amateur with a capital A. My interest has developed during recent years by reading old genealogy tables. Much has been done before my time. Previous genealogists have often excused their existences. They have not been understood. It is also sometimes like that now, but fortunately very seldom . - When I was younger, I never reflected that life was not forever. My interest came when the previous generation started to get older. After my mother died, I sought information's from her sisters, but found out that it was too late. They could not remember. From the time I matured to receive information to the time where this information no longer was available, was relatively short in my case. - At the same time I was reading the genealogical tables and got insight in the big efforts which were done, I found that the most recent information available to many people was: Born date, married to x date, dead date. I found this a very short "biography" and decided to try to write a little more about those people that I know. - What I have been doing up to now is to collect information, and supplement it with text and photos. It is in that work I use the Win Family PC programme.
Win Family PC programme
Besides that one very quickly gets the family trees produced, one can generate own personal forms for personal data and galleries. I don’t like those to look as strict forms but try to give the same information in a more fluent text form, describing the individuals, including photos. Those forms you will find in Swedish and Danish at Kim Langballes homepages. Choose "Slægtforskning" and then "Udskriftsformater" (No 1-4). I use no 3 and 4 when I need information about an individual. Although they are not in English, you can see the idea, down load them and easily translate them, if you like them.
Four families
There is, as I see it, four families for each person which are interesting to follow: The fathers, the mothers and the two grandmothers.
In Kerstins family the family names are: Eklund - Nilsson - Carlsson - Persson.
In my (Steens) family the family names are: Herlevsen - Dolleris - Andersen - Høeg
As said earlier, much of it has been done already. Just now I am most interested in the family Høeg.
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