My work
At the Swedish Meats R&D  in Kavlinge, Sweden, there are four divisions: Research, Analyse, Consulting services and Administration. As consultant the work tasks can vary depending on the different needs that arise. The field where I have been most engaged is Occupational Health. 1989 Swedish Meats R&D held a hearing with the entire meat branch (with representatives from co-operatives, private and authorities). Occupational health (OH) problems within slaughtering, cutting, deboning and meat processing departments were discussed and formed the base for the projects for the following years. Swedish Meats R&D have realised projects within the following fields:
Individual Pig Slaughtering (KAMP)
Virtual Reality Project: Cutting and deboning (KRISTAL)
Automatic Smokerod Handling (KAPPRO)
The projects were partly financed by Federal funds such as AMFO and ALF. (Funds for OH)
During the last few years I have worked with environmental, animal welfare and structural projects.
For these projects and for further information about SMRI, please view the SMRI homepages.
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