Photo and photo albums
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Are you interested in amateur photographing and photo albums? Well, I’m telling how I do. Maybe I can get in contact with others that have the same interest. (If you are not interested, I’ve even here put a "BACK" button up in the heading so, you can get out of here quickly.)
General chat about photographing
Even here I’m of course, a happy amateur. I got my first camera, a 6 x 6 Agfa Isolette, 1951. Now I have an old Canon A1 (1978) and as complement a pocket camera. I only take personal photos. No photographing for "the sake of photographing", I have never been interested in that . No experimenting. I use the automatic functions of the camera, as far as possible. I search the postcard rack and buy those which I can identify as typical for the occasion. I cannot do those better than the professionals. - I enjoy however to do my own postcards and there a rose could be the subject. I’m photographing mostly for helping my memory to recall happenings.
... and about photo albums
Please observe that I don’t argue that my way is "the only way". On the contrary, I know many people who can do much better albums than I can. I’m most impressed in albums with self-made drawings, water-colours, nice handwriting, in addition to other illustrations so that each page is a little piece of art. Look at this sample. Ones own photos are only one of many components that form the total impression. I try to do the hand writing as good as I can, but I’m seldom satisfied. The demand for the text is: "Whom, when and where". I wish I could sort away 75 % of the photos, but it’s difficult. My albums are 22 x 22 cm and I use the format 9 x 12. Normally there are six photos on each side, but it can be up to 12-15. Most of the photos are trimmed, so the albums are concentrated, with many photos.
From my album:
Front page of holiday 1991 (collage) Part of 1991 years review (left side collage is included)
(c) Copyrights 1997 Steen Herlevsen
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