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agriconsult ab was a Swedish consulting and engineering company operating internationally and specializing in the planning and design of facilities for the production, storage, handling and processing of agricultural commodities. The Headquarter was located in Malmo, Sweden.

Activities covered virtually all major stages of agricultural processing from the field to finished foods and consumer products.

agriconsult was an independent consulting firm with no obligations to any manufacturers of equipment or building contractors. It was a member of the Swedish Association of Consulting Engineers, which is affiliated to the International Association of Consulting Engineers, FIDIC.
agriconsult was also a member of the Swedish Consulting Group, SWECO, formed to render complete services for complex urban and regional projects. The SWECO technical staff numbered more than 2 000 employees. 

Depending on workload the staff numbered 75-140 persons, including civil, mechanical, electrical, agricultural and processing engineers, also comprising engineers for building services and architects.

Tore Olbjer, Civil engineer (MSc) and Managing Director, founded agriconsult in 1962 together with seven colleagues.

The other founders/co-owners were:
Gunnar Akne, Electrical engineer
Birger Johansson, Civil engineer
Yngve Lindberg, Civil engineer (MSc)
Göte Mårtensson, Civil Engineer (MSc)
Hans-Ewald Pedersen, Civil Engineer
Arne Pettersson, Civil Engineer
Carl Rånnfelt, Agricultural Engineer (MS)

Tore Olbjer resigned as Managing Director 1981. The company, at that time partly owned by VBB, was later taken over completely by VBB (now, 2008, SWECOVBB). - In 1986, agriconsult was liquidated. A special group, within VBB, was founded to continue consulting within the agricultural fields and to finalize agriconsults ongoing projects.

agriconsult was during its time one of the only independent consulting group in the world fully integrated for the planning and design of plants for handling, storage and processing of agricultural products at all levels.

Reference lists:

Surveys here
Grain Silos here
Feed Mills here
Seed Plants here
Macaroni Factories and Food Plants here
Flour Mills here
Bakeries here
Abattoirs and Meat Processing Plants  here
Deep Freeze, Cold and Chilled Stores here
Fruit and Vegetable Plants here
Milk and Milk Powder plants here
Dairy Plants here
Vegetable Oil Plants here
Bone Degreasing and Rendering Plants here
Warehouses for Fertilizer etc. here
Centers for Agricultural Machinery here
A. I. Center here
Farm Installations here

Some photos from different projects: 

Agrocenter Mersch Luxemburg
Grain silos, flour & feed mills combined I
Grain silos, flour & feed mill combined II
Different plants 1
Different plants 2
Different plants 3

The 25 web pages about agriconsult, comprising 18 reference lists, with some of the accomplishments, that agriconsult have realized. The six photo pages includes some 69 photos, some of my own, but mostly collected from agriconsult’s reference material. The web pages have been established to help our memory of this great company and in honor of all participants, especially Tore Olbjer. Production engineer Steen Herlevsen, who was employed by agriconsult in 24 years, from 1963 – 1987, created the web pages in February 2008.


Tore Olbjer,
founder of agriconsult ab.
He had the vision and the experience required to start a consulting group and also the international contacts and the networks to get a successful international consulting firm started and running.

The photo is from Mr. Olbjer's 80-year's birthday - still going strong.
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